Planning for a Group Class

There are lots of positives to consider when deciding to teach piano in groups.

However, one area that can feel like a point against group piano teaching is lesson planning…if you’re not prepared for the reality.

Group piano teaching takes more time to plan for than a private piano lesson. A teacher might spend 5-10 minutes at the most to prepare for a private lesson. Group piano classes require much more time to plan and prepare for in comparison. Seasoned group teachers still spend around 20-30 minutes of planning time per class.

The group teacher is a magician — always needing the option to “pull something out of the hat” if required, so it’s a good idea to plan for more activities than will be needed in case something doesn’t go the way you’d hoped or you need to take another direction mid-class. Some teachers also assign their students more pieces than they can get to in class so the students have plenty of variety of music and skills to practice during the week.

Future time-saving tip:

Save your lesson plans as Google Docs that you can easily come back to when teaching the same piece, method book, or class level. Then copy and paste into your new lesson plan and you’re ready to go!